Ministry Directors

Children's Ministries

Pam Hodges
Children's Ministries Director 
Mari Nordby
Assistant Children's Ministries Director 
Royal Rangers

Chuck Niemann
Royal Rangers Commander
Kory Labbe
Deputy Commander
Chuck Niemann
FCF President
Billy Welch
FCF Vice President
Youth Ministries

Ryan Gluth
District Youth Director (DYD)
Nick Duplantis
Assistant District Youth Director
Director of Christian Education and Discipleship

Ryan Gluth
District Youth Director (DYD)
Fay Niemann
Assistant Director 
Pam Hodges
Assistant Director 
Women's Ministries

ChareƩ Davis
Women's Ministries Director 
Karen Newell
Women's Ministries Assistant Director
Men's Ministries

Billy Welch
Men's Ministries Director 
Milt Michener
Assistant Men's Ministries Director
Pastoral Care

Kim Stickler 
Pastoral Care Director 
Kem Haggard
Assistant Director to Pastoral Care
Little Beaver Camp Ministries

Barry Orzalli Jr.
Camp Director
Shep and Mandy Williams
Camp Managers
 Alaska School of Ministry

Fay Niemann
Brad Kesler
Assistant Director
 Chi Alpha

Paul Burkhart
Chi Alpha Director
Steve Pavek
Assistant Chi Alpha Director
Gary Morton 
World Missions Director
Bill Welch
Director of AG US Missions
Terry Hull 
Alaska Missions Director 
Jeremiah Niemuth
AK Home Missions Assistant Director
461 Response

Chuck Mays
Revised 1/26/21